The Hightones

"Traditional blues in various tempos, rockin' boogie and an honest genuine sound"

- Jefferson Bluesmagazine

The Hightones


Pierre Sjöholm - Vocals & Guitar

Daniel Fredriksson - Bass

Lucas Lindstedt - Drums



THE HIGHTONES from Sweden represent the flagship of a new generation of blues musicians.

Assembled as late as in 2012 from the municipalities of Karlstad & Örebro, THE HIGHTONES have already built up a reputation

as a highly respected blues act, both in Sweden and across Europe.



With their debut album “Oh Baby,Me Too”, independently released in 2013 with 11 original songs,

showed that these guys mean business, they know their Blues and its genuine history.

Their hot single “ Mademoiselle” had air-time on several Blues Radio Shows across Europe,

and the record caught the attention and recieved good reviews from press and public.

while the guys continued to build up their repertoire, playing shows around Europe.



After being asked to represent "The'Swedish Blues Association" in "The Blues Challenge 2014" in RIGA (Latvia)

the Hightones sailed on, to lay anchor in prominent harbours , such as:


Peer bluesfestival, Belgium, BE

Mönsterås Bluesfestival, SE

Moulin Blues Ospel, NL

Augusti Bluus Haapsalu, EST

Hookrock bluesfest, BE

Åmåls bluesfestival, SE

Torun bluesmeeting, PL


THE HIGHTONES live act will rock your venue like a sailboat caught in a bad weather,

and with enough of material for a next upcoming album,

their music is guaranteed to appeal all generations.




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